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10 Best LED TV service performance increase tips 1

10 Best LED TV service performance increase tips

10 Best LED TV service performance increase tips

If you maintain your TV properly, you may escape led TV servicing hassle most of the time. Some simple steps can be basic things of led TV repair service.

1/ Turn the LED TV off when not watching
Sometimes we sleep kept the TV open. It can be simply avoided when we do something else, keep our TV Turn off.

2/ Use thunder protector
We can use a thunder protector to keep our TV safe from lighting spark. It’s a very essential instrument to keep safety.

3/ Keep brightness slight low.
Keep the maximum brightness always, will take down the lifetime of your LED TV. High brightness also make harms of our eyes too. So, specially at night, brightness should be keep down.

4/ Proper uses of contrast.
High uses of contrast also downgrade the lifetime of TV panel.

5/ Give resting time to the TV
Sometimes, we keep open our TV whole day long without giving a break. So, it should take a break to be cool down. and restart it again.

6/ Keep your TV clean
Dust is the main Enemy of LED TV. So clean the TV display with a soft towel. Don’t use water to clean the TV screen.

8/ Keep room temperature
So much low temperature can harm any major parts of TV


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