Frequently Asked Question

Basically, People have to face some problems to repair their electronics devices. It’s very hard duty to find best solution and experts to handover valuable machinates. We’ve started our service to fix the problems. We pick the device from home, repair it in our lab and deliver to clients doorsteps. If you find Service Bari, you haven’t anything left to worry about your electronics.

Why should I use thunder protector with my TV?

A survay returns a result that, Most of the time, LED TV is highly effected in lighting and it’s also expensive then other household electronics. To protect tv from lightning thunder protector device will help you most of the time.

how often should ac/fridge service?

During 3-6 Month

what should I use in low voltage area?


where your service center located?

46, Shwrapara, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216

Do you provide home service?

Yes, We provide home service. Transport cost applied

Who will bear delivery cost?

Of course client will bear

do you provide all parts required for servicing?

Yes, we provide. Client have to pay the price